Personal, Office, Crosscut, Commercial, Heavy Duty & Industrial Shredders

Kobra Shredders Australia are the sole and exclusive distributors of Elcoman (Italy) and Data Security Inc. in Australia and New Zealand; We stock the largest range of Government approved shredders that have been NATA tested in accordance with ASIO T4 Protective Security Equipment Guide (SEG001.1) test procedures for Class A and B paper shredders.

Elcoman is one of the largest paper shredders manufacturers and is a specialist and leader in the area of High Security and Top Secret shredders of paper and optical media for Governments around the world.

Data Security Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of high security degaussers and solid state disintegrators Shredders that are NSA Approved which is recognised and approved for use by Australian Government Departments and Agencies. We represent and sell the complete range of Kobra shredders and Data Security Inc. degaussers, and will service and repair all makes and models of shredders and degaussers.


Strip-Cut Shredders: This type of shredder cuts paper into long, thin strips. Strip-cut shredders are suitable for shredding non-sensitive documents with a low level of confidentiality.

Cross-Cut Shredders: Cross-cut shredders shred paper into small pieces, providing a higher level of security than strip-cut shredders. They are suitable for shredding documents with a medium level of confidentiality.

Government Shredders: Kobra Shredders stock the widest range of Government endorsed shredders, both "A" and "B" Class shredder for paper and optical media.


Kobra Shredders offers the widest range of Government Endorsed destruction devices for solid state media; we have destroyers for both magnetic media and solid state media

Do you think that a shredder can only destroy paper and documents? You are mistaken. In our Industrial Line, you can find a complete range of heavy-duty document, smartphone and electronic storage device shredders. In particular, today we want to show you our machinery capable of eliminating almost everything


Degaussers are devices that are used to erase or neutralize magnetic fields on different types of magnetic media, such as hard drives, magnetic tapes, floppy disks, and other types of magnetic storage devices.

The process of degaussing involves subjecting the magnetic media to a strong, fluctuating electromagnetic field, which effectively erases the data stored on the media by randomizing the magnetic orientations of the particles that make up the data.

Shredder Consumables

Shredder We offer custom-made shred waste bags suitable for "A" and "B" class shredders, as well as extended warranties for Kobra shredders. Our heavy-duty bags are gusseted and come in a range of sizes suitable for all shredders, and are supplied in lots of 50.

Shredder Oil

Paper shredder oil is necessary for maintaining the performance and prolonging the lifespan of paper shredders. Paper shredders work by cutting paper into small pieces, and during this process, paper particles and dust can accumulate on the cutting blades and inside the shredder.

Shredder Service & Repairs

We offer specialized service and repairs on all makes and models of paper shredders including high security ‘A’ & ‘B’ Class. Our response time is usually within 24-48 hours, however we can attend to urgent matters in the ACT within 4 hours with a dedicated Canberra based technician.

Regular maintenance and service can help ensure that your shredder is operating at peak performance.